Tri-Flector Standard

21st Century Tri-flector – Standard Set

The Tri-flector is a highly versatile photographic lighting reflector with three specially designed panels. Both sides of the Tri-flector panels are reflective, one side being silver for brighter light, the other being silver/white for a softer feel.

The standard set includes three panels, T-Bar and two single panel adapters giving it great flexibility.

For even greater versatility, you may want to consider the Tri-flector full set which also includes a swivel attachment. If you’ve already got the standard kit, you can upgrade to the full kit.

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Tri-flector – the ultimate photographic lighting reflector.

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Price: £299.00


The Tri-flector is a highly versatile photographic lighting reflector and is one of the most useful and innovative photographic accessories ever created.

Included with the Tri-Flector Standard:



2 X Arms

3 X Reversible Panels i.e Silver one side, white the other.

20 Rubber washers ( These clip onto the terry clips giving the panels better grip )

Full 12 month guarantee on all metal parts. Panels and clips not covered due to their more fragile nature.