Tri-Flector – The light reflector designed by a photographer for photographers

Tri-flector Softbox Set Up Wide

Stu Williamson has, for a long time, been a pioneer of reflected light in the photographers’ studio. Knowing how crucial lighting is to the photographer, he could never find a commercial lighting reflector that truly met his exact needs.

So he invented his own.

He first brought us the widely acclaimed original Tri-flector in the 90s which is still being faithfully used by many photographers today. And yet, ever the perfectionist, as good as the original was, Stu was always looking for ways it could be improved.

He now brings you the new 21st Century Tri-flector with even more benefits to the modern, creative photographer. It is quite simply one of the most useful and innovative photographic accessories ever created.

One of the problems Stu found with many other commercial lighting reflectors was that they were a pain to set up, difficult to adjust and inherently unstable. And as all photographers know, timing and quick decision making is always of the essence. Stu has therefore designed the new model with these issues in mind.

The new Tri-flector is therefore even more versatile and robust than the previous version. You will find that it is a breeze to set up and fine tune as well as being very stable and robust – all the essential elements of the ideal lighting reflector. The days of panels falling down and not being able to position correctly will be long gone. Whatever your requirement, from fashion to food, the 21st Century Tri-flector will help you to perfect the lighting of your photographs with ease.

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Introducing the 21st Century Tri-flector

What does the Tri-flector do?

The Tri-flector, sometimes referred to as Triflector (without the ‘-‘), is a highly versatile photographic lighting reflector. It does as its name suggests. It reflects light off three specially designed double-sided panels.

Both sides of the panels are reflective, one side being silver, the other being silver/white. Should you find the silver side to be too bright and reflective for your situation, simply flip it over and use the white side which gives a softer feel.

Such is the versatility of the Tri-Flector that it will allow you to reflect light almost anywhere you want. You will find it quick and easy to set up and just as easy to adjust. As a result, you’ll spend less time setting up and more time taking photographs. But, above all, your photographs will be given new energy and vibrancy!

How to use the Tri-flector

You can use the Tri-flector for almost any photography situation, indoors or outdoors and with natural light or artificial light. In fact, you’ll be able to use it in any situation where you need reflective lighting control.

Another subtractive option is that it can also be used as a flag, as Black Panels will soon be available.

Typical usage applications of the Tri-Flector

Studio side lighting vertical setup

3 panel setup

Triangular setup

V-shape setup

Single central silver panel setup

Outdoor shot 3 panels setup

Mirror Flector Add-on setup *

* The Mirror Flector is an optional add-on at extra cost