FAMILY PORTRAIT Photographer Leicester

Having photographed hundreds of families the one common fact is it’s a closed shop. Only a very communicative person could even begin to connect with the different personalities within these close domains. I like to think without gate crashing I have the passion and interest of who’s who in the families so just getting to know them for an hour or so really helps you to achieve amazing results that all the individuals within the group will cherish forever.

Children. Who could ever say they don’t like children. Well, there have been times when if you had asked me at that precise moment my honest opinion it would have been “yep, not for me”. However, if those little people like you and most of all trust you the world is your oyster. They are so funny, moody, opinionated and so much wiser than most educated adults. And they shoot straight from the hip, they take no prisoners and are beyond being honest much to the demise of parents and friends.


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