Photography is in danger.Stu Williamson - Photographer

Like so many things that exist in our World, it is in danger of becoming ‘disposable’; a one click all can do art form. My inherent belief is that there is no shortcut to creative fulfilment.

Creative fulfilment is my drive to that one moment of capture, to that moment when you instinctively know that you have achieved a piece of timeless art.

I am a working class freethinker, who grew up in England, with a mix of Scottish and Irish ancestry. My talents were honed by my love affair with the darkroom. Thousands and thousands of solitary hours spent in the dark perfecting my creations shaped my connection with the sky, sea and earth I was from, awaking what was already within me at birth; an appetite for angels, demons and mermaids.

These heroes and heroines of mine, always feature heavily in my fine art images.

Those darkroom hours exposed my passion for medieval art and the symbolism hidden deep within from a time when religious belief systems were being carved out shaping the boundaries of modern day continents, inspiring artists like myself to seek their creative fulfilment and individual destinies.

Stu Williamson Signature

Stu Williamson FMPA

“Driven by the desire to move away from the predictable”

When a Photograph Just Isn’t Enough

Stu Williamson Photographer at his Leicester Studio

Stu at his Studio in Leicester

Stu Williamson is a professional Leicester photographer who just loves taking photos. He’s been a photographer for many years covering a range of topics as broad as your imagination. Just one look at his collection of images from his 1988 to 2006 will soon confirm this.

His photography skills, knowledge and expertise is therefore immense and not just confined to the studio or dark room. As well as photographing many celebrities, successful business people and many of the world’s finest buildings, Stu has also invented the Tri-flector and authored the book Concept to Print.

Photography isn’t just a job to Stu. It’s a passion. And that passion shows in each and every photograph he takes, whether that’s an image of successful business people, happy families, aspiring models, products or buildings for an advertising campaign or whether it’s a photo just for fun. Whatever the subject and whatever the purpose, Stu always strives to make each photo better than his last one, always looking for perfection and always looking to innovate.

It was this rare combination of natural talent, artistic vision, dedication and appetite for perfection that ultimately led to Stu being awarded the much-coveted title of UK Photographer of the Year 2016/17.


Photography that makes a difference

Nowadays, it’d be an unusual person that doesn’t own a camera of some sort. And everyone likes to think they can take a decent photo. Indeed, many people can. But there’s a world of difference between decent and professional. That’s why many people choose Stu Williamson. Because they recognise that “decent” just won’t do.

Here are some examples of how Stu can help:

  • Professional quality commercial photos can really bring success to your business. Stu is a highly experienced advertising photographer and can create first-rate images for your marketing brochures and promotional campaigns.
  • Everyone wants to look their best when having their photo taken and business portraits are no exception. When taking your headshot, Stu will put you at ease and capture your “best side” in optimal lighting, perfect for your own portfolio or your company website.Stu Williamson: Business Portrait Photographer
  • Family portraits don’t have to be formal, stuffy affairs. To capture you and your family at their best, Stu believes it’s important to keeps things fun and relaxed. That way, your family photo will be as natural as can be and will bring out the true you. Of course, there are times when only formal will do and that’s fine with Stu too.
  • For those foodies amongst us, Stu is your friend. Not only does he like food, he likes taking photographs of food. And he’s pretty nifty at taking chef portraits too. All important stuff if you own a restaurant or food store.
  • Fashion photography and model portfolios is another area Stu excels at having taken countless fashion shoots and helped many an aspiring model to get started.
  • Building photography is very broad in scope but for an expert photographer like Stu, it always presents an opportunity to look at buildings from an artistic perspective. For Stu, a building isn’t just a pile of bricks and concrete. It’s potentially a piece of art. And that’s why he’s a winner of the SWPP Architecture Exterior Photographer of the Year award. Combined with his photos of the interior of buildings, the result is a superb business opportunity, be it to advertise your hotel, real estate . . . or just to show off your new offices in the best possible way.
  • Photography is a creative medium. But creative photography is a gift. It takes imagination, confidence, oodles of expertise and……that “something else”. Whatever that “something else” is, Stu’s got it along with a fascination for angels, demons and mermaids. Fine art photography is essentially two art forms in one but Stu has mastered them both. So, if you’re looking for something special and a little bit different, then look no further than Stu.

Ready for the next step?

The above is only an introduction to the areas of photography that Stu covers. For more details or to book your studio session, please don’t hesitate to contact Stu.