World-class commercial photographer with over 30 years of experience, supporting small and large businesses the world over.

One of the most creative and distinctive portrait photographers in the UK – A photographer renowned for creating matchless family portraits.


Stu Williamson is a professional COMMERCIAL AND PORTRAIT photographer based in Leicester, with vast amounts of experience in both commercial and portrait photography from a purpose-designed studio in Leicestershire, or on location.

For more than 30 years, Stu Williamson has been at the forefront of creative portrait photography. Whether he is photographing for a commercial client, a family or a school, they are all approached with the same dedication that has made him one of the UK’s top image-makers.

Stu has gained a Fellowship from two of the country’s leading photographic societies way back in the nineties. That having been said he has lost no ground in understanding and achieving great heights in the digital age which he fully embraces. To him, it’s the same as being in a darkroom which is Stu’s first passion. He has always said he is a printer first and a photographer second, the same way as all the great photographer’s approached their work. The truth is in the print.

Stu also mentors aspiring photographers along with providing photographic equipment such as backdrops and the 21st Century Tri-flector – a lighting reflector that gives the photographer greater control – and a design that he continues to refine with the latest version available in our online store.